Silviya Ilieva
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Living architecture

The research is a design study for finding new alternative solutions for creating a design strategy; for the possibility of creating “space-changing” environments with a constant development held in them (like the organisms’ development through a life span). Furthermore the thesis is about the patterns of behaviour derived from biology and nature and the possible bio-mechanism that could be discovered and used for creating an architectural environment that could be a self-sufficient system. Such an outlook gives lots of possibilities and an area for speculations – a possibility of what architecture might be.

The thesis project pursues an environment for transformation and adaptation – a setting with responsive actions and living technologies at a primitive level for now but with a potential to develop in architecture in future. That environment creates a public space that reacts to and depends on human presence with surfaces that spread in three dimensions. The single species of this system are of an equal importance to the series of species and form a” living organism”. With the use of tessellated geometry the formed urfaces and configurations act like a hybrid public architecture where everything depends on everything.

The movement of a particular biological species - the butterfly is translated into an ephemeral and light design which acts like a spatial transformable boundary – a space-changing enclosure which is not solid and is modified into a setting for perception and experience with an accent on the relationships in the system.  

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