Silviya Ilieva
Unfolding architecture and kinetic patterns

Kinetic diagram of the rotary locomotion    

Speculating on Possible Behaviour of Adaptive Bio-mechanical Device

“Kinetic pattern is ephemeral – clusters, thickenings and gradients of movement.”

Experimentation in kinetics and architectural skins is introduced more widely recently. Facades and elements are transformed in kinetic living creatures changing in synchrony with the environment. The kinetic quality of the locomotion and the bio-mechanisms that are hidden behind it in the current study are the driver that animates the artificial system. The surface itself acts like a mechanism supported by the mechanics behind it – it folds and unfolds, bends, twists – that way the movement becomes three-dimensional. The pleats of the fabric unfold delicately so the mechanics become subtle and the clumsiness from the first experiments is not present. A basic servo system is used for achieving the kinetic quality of the locomotion and the added surface compliments and bounds with it. The pattern of motion arises from the movement of the multiple parts in the single device and then in the system – morphology of movement is the result and transforms the system in an unfolding architecture. The local movement in the parts is simple and the complexity comes from the global outcome – the collaboration between the parts themselves and the system at a bigger scale.

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