Silviya Ilieva

Constant flow of information – ecology of the devices. Sensory architecture.

The ecological system is in constant and dynamic flow of information - sensors register instability in the system – in this case the human presence therefore a reaction in the system is provoked 20. Each member of the system is con- nected in a sensor network. The system has reflex- es and the sensors could be referred to the sensuous cells in the nervous system – they are receptive and respond to the changes surrounding them. The computer is the mind; it has a preprogrammed behaviour like an organism. There is a definite relationship between the parts of the single device (the surfaces of the devices are built in such a way that the arrangement follows a specific order), between the devices themselves (they move in choreographed arrangements) and between the devices and the environment – the observers in the case. The whole system is a unity of dependences and relations – an organism is created, yet an artificial one but with organic qualities.

Such an approach for designing arise the possibility of building environments and systems that “regulate themselves and survive. They adapt and compute. They invent. They co-operate and compete. Naturally they evolve rapidly.” 22 

The suggested design is a different and extraordinary definition of space – without solid boundaries and walls – the space is created by the network of relationships and is given a final touch by the personal experience of the observers and their perception. A medium between physical and immaterial world is formulated.