Silviya Ilieva

Final prototype – transforming an object into an architectural space/system/event 

The final built prototypes succeed in mimicking the organic quality of their biological equivalent. As a result the analogy is a kinetic sculpture that creates space through movement. The reactions of the prototypes are subtle, gentle and light. In turn they evoke responses in the observers – a moment of surprise is present, at some moments it is even eerie.

The created architecture becomes an event – the devices actively shape the environment. They have their own char- acter – provoke reactions and become alive; they define the space in a light, non-obstructive way. The fluid surfaces move in an organic almost living manner – the motion is gentle; a dynamic change in form occurs – the fabric un- folds and changes constantly. The local behaviours of each device posses a global outcome – compound and complex arrangements in behaviour arise. At a local level the move- ment is rotary and twists and bends the surfaces in three dimensions – surfaces change and arrangements are built. The global outcome is the dance in synchrony of five de- vices – once they sense the presence in their environment, scared they trigger themselves one after another with deli- cate and fragile motions. The human being becomes their environment and at the same time the devices are our envi- ronment – the boundary becomes vague and interconnect- edness is the accent.

The composition is intended to envelope and to embody the observers – people can be inside or outside; the bound- ary between an environment and a system is blurred. The scale of the “species”-devices is in a confined relationship with the scale of the human beings – in such a way so the unity between them to be complete.