Silviya Ilieva
Biomimicry: Culture vs Nature

Visualization Devices

Biomimicry: an alternative strategy for exploring new ways of designing

Different biological analogies in architecture and the arts have been made for centuries and many architects and artists looked for an inspiration in nature. Nowadays there is a predisposition in architecture in relation to biology for a research in evolutionary biology and evolutionary algorithms, artificial intelligence, cybernetics and general systems theory. More particularly the subject matter I looked at in more depth is the research in dynamic behaviours of biological species and the possible interactions that occur and the forms and behaviours that appear from that explo- ration. Biological mechanisms, forms and inspiration could be found and used as design strategies by studying the process in complex biological systems. This exploration could be referred and found in the literature as Biomimicry, Biotechnics, Bionics, Biomimetics and so on.

The thesis is a design study that explores the boundary between nature and culture, immaterial and material, organic and mechanical, human and animal, system and environment. The research began as a study of the dynamic behaviours of biological species, the possible interactions that occur and the forms and behaviours that appear. Through series of adaptive bio-mechanical devices the work evolved into a responsive and adaptive environment with choreographed movements and patterns of behaviour. The formed biological system performs in synchrony with the surrounding environment and acts as a dynamic and flexible complex entity. The setting is a network, a mesh of patterns of rela- tionships and processes and acts like an organised whole.

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